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Shangri-La Adademy


Shangri-La Academy opened its doors on the 1st of January 1997 for the first time. The school was established by a group of Educators who felt that the need existed to provide affordable education to the pupils of Kempton Park that upheld standards and equipped the students to take their rightful place in society. In addition, the Academy offers small classes so that each pupil is treated as an individual with his/her individual needs being catered for. The Academy is situated in the residential area of Glen Marais in close proximity to Johannesburg International Airport. Large grounds and established gardens afford the students space to learn within a peaceful, natural environment.



Shangri-La Academy is not affiliated to any particular Religious Denomination, but has an entrenched Christian nature. All pupils are expected to attend assemblies once a week, which open with a Bible reading and prayer. In addition, regular Bible Education classes take place. The nature of the self-discipline that we as educators attempt to instil in each child is based on the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The personal religious convictions of the family are taken into consideration, and provisions are made to accommodate all religions. Our aim is for every child to enjoy each day to the full, from the academic to extra-curricular activities on offer. Our staff cares deeply about every student, encouraging and nurturing – even to being surrogate parents! We stress excellence in a friendly, hospitable atmosphere, and as our students must one day take their rightful place in society, we encourage competition without losing sight of the spirit of co-operation amongst the group. This, we trust, will enable the students to enter the "real world", with a sense of responsibility, self-worth and ambition, striving to achieve to the best of their abilities. We follow the National curriculum on Outcome Based Education as prescribed by the National Education department and our staff are well equipped to extend all our students in this curriculum. Our staff stays at the "cutting edge" of development in curriculum matters to the benefit of all our students.



When the Academy opened its doors in 1997, we had eight full time Academic staff and 87 students enrolled. Over the years, this number has grown with the introduction of second classes in each grade. We now have an Academic staff of 45 and a student enrolment of 575 students.



Our Matric students write the Senior certificate of the Independent Examinations Board and since our first group of matric students in 2002, the Academy has enjoyed 100% pass rate. Added to this are numerous distinctions achieved by the students. Those of our students who have entered Higher Education Institutions are doing well which attests to the solid grounding received at the Academy.



Although we are a small school, we are constantly growing – building new classrooms and facilities. We boast 2 fully equipped Computer centres and a brand new Secondary school block, incorporating dedicated Science and Biology laboratories. In 2006 we took occupancy of a new Senior Primary block as well as brand new tuck-shop, Media Centre, Arts & Culture Centre and a new Technology Centre, and in 2012 we added a new Administration Block.

We offer numerous sports, which include soccer, netball, tennis, cricket, softball, athletics and chess as well as numerous cultural activities. Use is made of local sport grounds to cater to the needs of our students.



At Shangri-La academy, we realize that our students will be faced with a shrinking world and will have to compete on the Global market. Our aim is to provide them with the skills necessary to not only compete, but excel. Our tools to achieve this aim are to remain topical with all developments in education and provide the students with the entrepreneurial and technological skills required. In addition, emphasis is on self-development so that the students can become marketable commodities.