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Shangri-La Adademy


In a world that is becoming more aware of the Rights of the Individual, we as a School ensure that our students realize that with their rights come associated responsibilities. Students are encouraged to accept their responsibilities in society and as such, ensure that the rights of others are considered at all times.

We also insist on maintaining a disciplined environment in which students feel free to express themselves and in which they can feel safe to explore their world. We rely heavily on our parents to support us in maintaining discipline conducive to learning and for this purpose, we have a Code of Conduct which is agreed to by all.

At Shangri-La Academy, we realize that our students will be faced with a shrinking world and will have to compete on the Global market. Our aim is to provide them with the skills necessary to not only compete, but excel.

Our tools to achieve this aim are to remain topical with all developments in education and provide the pupils with entrepreneurial and technological skills required. In addition emphasis is on self-development so that the students can become marketable commodities.


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