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Shangri-La Adademy

Drug Prevention and Alcohol Policy

The Academy strives for excellence and our goal is always that, whatever we do, should be to our pupils' advantage. We also realize that we have to stay relevant and be able to adapt to changing times and circumstances.

In accordance with the above, we understand that:

  • We are the Greater Community of Kempton Park
  • We are in partnership with the Parents/Guardians to ensure the best for their children
  • A wide variety of addictive or habit –forming drugs, both legal and illegal, are available within our community.
  • Our children are exposed to such substances through various channels
  • Our children, Parents and teachers are not always equipped with sufficient information
  • Drug abuse is detrimental to humans on various levels (e.g. physical, psychological, social etc.)
  • We have to educate our children so that they are less vulnerable to drug abuse and better equipped to deal with life and its demands.

Shangri-la Academy accepts this challenge and takes the point of view that drug abuse is an unacceptable practice, and that the concept of a healthy drug-free life will at times be propagated and encouraged. Due to the fact that we are also realistic, it is also our policy not to condemn pupils, but to support those of our pupils, who do need help in this area without necessarily endangering their school careers. In cases where a pupil is found abusing drugs and the pupil and parents do not wish to make use of such help offered to them, the academy will have no choice but to expel the pupil.



The signing of this document is a pre-requisite to acceptance by the Academy
The Academy undertakes to do the following on an annual basis

  • Present prevention and information sessions to all pupils
  • Present prevention and information sessions to the Parents/Guardians of our pupils
  • Make information and training available for teachers
  • Involve outside organizations and individuals a\on a consultation basis, as part of a team approach
  • Support the founding of positive peer groups ( such as e.g. Teenage anti-drug action T.A.D.A)
  • Evaluate this policy and adapt it if and when necessary
  • Support a healthy, drug free life through word and deed.
  • The Academy undertakes to develop and implement a pupil support program.



The use of any habit-forming substance, without a doctor's certificate (this refers to any schedule 5 (or higher) drugs), is strictly forbidden:

  • During school hours
  • On the Academy's premises
  • In school uniform
  • During extra mural activities on the school grounds, tours, sports meetings, school functions etc.

In the case of any other medication being brought to school, a note/letter from the parents is required. The Academy reserves the right to contact the parents to verify the authenticity of the note or the duration of the medication. Note: The Academy reserves the right to take action according to policy and procedure if a pupil's drug abuse outside of school influences his/her Academic achievements, behaviour, attendance etc.



Dealing in drugs during Academy hours, on Academy property, in school uniform, during extra mural activities on school grounds, camps, tours and meetings, school functions, etc., is strictly forbidden according to the Code of Conduct of the Academy and any pupil found guilty of such an offence will be expelled from the Academy with immediate effect.

Note: Dealing in drugs is a criminal offence. If any pupil is suspected of, or caught dealing in drugs, the Academy will investigate and if necessary, will refer to SANAB (SA Narcotics Bureau) after which normal legal prosecution will take place.


  • Guidelines for the handling of such cases is included in the PSP (Pupil Support Program) procedure manual
  • Each case will be dealt with confidentially but Parents/Guardians will be informed and involved
  • Individual symptoms and rumours will not be considered as indicators, but a pattern of indicators (e.g. a decrease in school activities, changes in behaviour, irregular school attendance, etc) will be investigated
  • Rumours, with supporting evidence, will be investigated
  • Note: This is not a process of victimization but an honest attempt to identify a student in a crisis at an early stage.
  • Selected staff who will be specifically trained in this area, will undertake the investigations, and where necessary, external professionals will be called in.
  • Students will be referred to identified organizations for assessment and treatment
  • Parents/Guardians will be held responsible for any expenses incurred unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Academy.
  • A contract between all involved parties will be set up. (The Academy, Parents/Guardians, treatment institutions/persons). The contract will determine:
    1.The treatment option as determined by all relevant parties
    2. That urine testing can take place on an ad hoc basis (the costs of which the Parents/Guardians responsibility). The control of such testing is the Institution concerned responsibility.
    3. That the student is expected to improve in achievements, behaviour, school attendance
    4. That the Parent/Guardian must authorize the Treatment Institution to supply the academy with progress reports regarding the drug treatment.
    5. That the content of contracts can be adapted after negotiation with the relevant parties
    6. That the Parent/Guardian and/or the student take it upon themselves to stop treatment, the Academy will consider the contract suspended.

The Academy reserves the right to recommend that, if it is in the interest of the student and the Academy, such students be referred elsewhere to complete his/her schooling.
Disciplinary matters will be dealt with as such and will run concurrently with the Pupil Support Program (PSP).
NB: Disciplinary of Code of Conduct matters will be dealt with separately.