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Shangri-La Adademy

Preparatory School

Annexures Code of Conduct - Preparatory School


The rules and punishments set out in this Code of Conduct have been formulated in corroboration with the Preparatory school Students, Staff, Executive and Board of Governors.

The aim of these rules is to create an environment in which students can in safety and with pride work to achieve their goals and leave behind them a school with a sound reputation and solid values.

The rules are divided into three groups depending on their severity and the type of punishment meted out for their contravention.


The breaking of these rules is seen to be a minor offence and as such, punishment may include De-merits being issued, Detention being imposed, Parents being called in for an interview, or appropriate measures being taken subject to the offence.
These rules are all contained in the Academy Prospectus and apply to all pupils enrolled at the Academy.

They include the following:

  1. All pupils must wear complete Academy uniform:
    1. At the Academy
    2. To and from the Academy.
    3. At Academy functions, excursions, visits to other schools.
    4. At evening functions boys and girls must wear winter uniform – girls are to wear skirts.
    5. Only specified jewellery: watches, medic alert bracelets and chains. For the girls – if ears are pierced – only studs or sleepers and only one per ear in the lobe, and one signet ring only may be worn. No neck jewellery of any sort may be worn
    6. No unusual hairstyles will be permitted for either boys or girls.
      1. Hair which touches a girl's shoulders should be tied up, even if it is layered. Flicks and fringes must be clipped up, so that the hair does not fall in front of the eyes. A maximum of two ponytails is permitted, and not of the kind which are tied loosely toward the end of the hair. Ribbons may be only royal blue or white. No coloured clips, combs, hair bands or other accessories are permitted. Dyeing and / or tinting (including streaks, highlights & lowlights) of hair is forbidden.
      2. Boys' hair shall be clear of the ears and collar and the fringe is to be at least one finger width above the eyebrows. Step or crew cuts are not permitted. Dyeing and / or tinting (including streaks, highlights & lowlights) of hair is forbidden.
    7. The wearing of Gel or other similar products is strictly forbidden.
    8. No nail varnish may be worn, and nails should be short and clean.
    9. No make-up of any description may be worn.

    In the Academy buildings, including hall, classrooms, passages, stairways, and corridors or in any other part of the buildings to which the pupils have access
    1. Changing of classes must be carried out in single file.
    2. There is to be no running, climbing, on the rails, or furniture, or any such irregular behaviour.
    3. Pupils must vacate the building during breaks and before or after normal Academy hours unless instructed or permitted to do otherwise.
    4. Pupils must deposit their suitcases outside their classroom at breaks.

    No pupil may use any item of Academy equipment without permission, though permission need not be given for the use and enjoyment of equipment put out for general use, subject to the rules below:
    1. No pupil shall wilfully misuse any item of Academy equipment, or mark or deface it.
    2. No notices may be put up without permission from the Principal, or responsible member of staff.
    3. Pupils shall not loiter in the toilets or on stairwells.
    4. Areas which are out of bounds to pupils:
      1. The immediate vicinity of the grounds staff quarters.
      2. All rockeries and flower / plant beds.
      3. The bicycle shed or motorcycle shed during school hours.
      4. The car park.
      5. The Hall unless accompanied by a member of staff.
      6. The Tuckshop.
      7. Church grounds.
      8. Staff room.
      9. Cricket Nets.
      10. The Kitchen unless accompanied by a member of staff.
    5. The use of these facilities is dependent on the strict observance of special rules applicable to them.
    6. All sports equipment must be handled with due care and may not be removed or handled without the express permission of the teacher in charge.
    7. The appropriate sports clothing shall be worn for each sport.

    1. No pupil shall fight or play unofficial games liable to cause injury to other pupils or damage property. No pupil shall behave in a rowdy manner, or in such a way as to provoke other pupils.
    2. No litter is to be dropped by any pupil.
    3. Pupils are not to walk over newly planted grass or any grassed areas being cultivated.
    4. Chewing gum is not permitted.
    5. Pupils may not sit on, climb over or handle any boundary fences, chain, gates or railing.
    6. Cyclists may not ride within the Academy grounds, and should park their bicycles in the space provided.
    7. During Academy hours, no one may leave the Academy grounds without the Principal's permission.
    8. Pupils may not swear, or use hurtful or unkind language.
    9. Pupils may not be disrespectful or cheeky to any member of staff including cleaning staff and prefects.
    10. Physical contact between students of the opposite sex is forbidden.
    11. Truancy is strictly forbidden.

    No pupil shall bring discredit to the Academy by any unseemly behaviour in any public place, or at any other school. Therefore no pupils are permitted:
    1. To hitchhike in Academy uniform, or in the company of another pupil wearing our Academy uniform.
    2. Pupils using buses shall behave in accordance with the instructions of the driver or person officially in charge.
    3. Cyclists to and from the Academy must know and obey traffic laws.
    4. Never loiter in the streets, at cafes or shopping centres while in Academy uniform.
    5. Never arrive at or leave the Academy wearing an incomplete uniform. This includes the wearing of shoes, socks, and blazers.


These rules are seen to be more serious and a Student breaking these rules faces Suspension of up to but not more than 10 school days. Parents will be called in to discuss the offence and will be notified in writing of the Suspension.

These rules include the following:

  1. Smoking – is strictly forbidden on School premises or while in school uniform or while on outings or events organized by the school.
  2. Theft – The handling or taking of property belonging to any other person or organization without express permission will be considered theft and will be dealt with as such.
  3. Alcohol usage – the partaking of alcohol while on school premises or while in school uniform or while on outings or events organized by the school is strictly forbidden.
  4. Forgery – of any correspondence is strictly forbidden.
  5. Cheating – any attempt to obtain work from others during tests or examinations will be considered cheating and the applicable punishment will be meted out.
  6. Undesirable Literature – No pornographic or undesirable literature or pictures may be brought onto the premises of the Academy.
  7. Racial slurs or insults – the use of racial slurs or insults based on racial or cultural identity are strictly forbidden.
  8. Continuous contravention of Class A rules – Students who continually contravene Class A rules will be considered guilty of this offence.


The breaking of these rules is considered to be very serious and as such, pupils found guilty of contravening them face immediate expulsion. Parents will be called in to acknowledge the Expulsion. The following rules apply to this category:

  1. Drugs – Any student found in possession of or under the influence of drugs while on school premises, in school uniform or on any outing or event organized by the school will be considered guilty of this offence.
  2. Dangerous weapons – Any pupil found in possession of a dangerous weapon at school or on any outing or event organized by the school will be considered guilty of this offence.
  3. Assault – Any pupil who assaults any other person with the intent to commit bodily harm while on school premises or on any outing or event organized by the school will be considered guilty of this offence.
  4. Malicious damage to property - Any student who maliciously causes damage to the property of any other person or organization will be considered guilty of this offence.
  5. Continuous contravention of class B rules – Students who continually contravene Class B Rules will be considered guilty of this offence.


The following regulations apply only to Preparatory school Students at Shangri-La Academy:

  1. Cell Phones – Students in the Preparatory school section are allowed to bring Cell Phones to school under the following conditions:
    1. Written correspondence is received from the parents requesting permission that their child may bring a cell phone to school. Valid reasons must be given for why this is a necessity.
    2. These devices are handed in to the relevant teacher before the start of the school day.
    3. The Academy accepts absolutely no responsibility for damage to or theft of these devices.
    4. If a student is found in possession of a cell phone, without the permission of a teacher, the cell phone will be confiscated and locked in the school safe for a period of 30 days. If the student transgresses again, stronger action will be administered.