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Shangri-La Adademy

Racism Policy

Policy on racism related issues


Shangri-La Academy recognizes the importance of the rights of each child, as enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, and is dedicated to the protection of these rights, while, at the same time, maintaining both the diversity and individuality of a multi-cultural society.


The fundamental principle of admission to basic education to all is guaranteed by the Constitution. Every child has the right to access to basic education and the right to equal admission to all public educational institutions as determined by the Constitution, Educational Law and the South African Schools Act. All students at educational institutions are constitutionally entitled to an educational environment in which there is no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, religion, colour, sexual orientation, disability, conscience, belief, culture, or language preference.

  1. Students are, therefore, encouraged to develop a sense of identity, both with the commonality of South African society as a whole, as well as with one or other of the diverse cultural groupings, which make up our society
  2. All cultural and racial groupings, norms and beliefs are regarded as having equal validity and value.
  3. All interpersonal interaction within the school will take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance for each cultural and racial group's beliefs and values.
  1. The Academy acknowledges the fact that certain sections of society, particularly amongst previous generations, may have been subjected to unfair discrimination on the grounds of race or culture, prior to 1994.
  2. However, given the fact that the students enrolled at the Academy were born after the establishment of a democratic South Africa, and therefore have never been subjected to the institutionalized injustices or discrimination experienced by past generations, we believe that the principle of justifiable discrimination in order to redress past injustices has only limited validity.
  3. The Executive Body of the Academy believes that, in line with sound educational practice, the principle of corrective measures will at all times take precedence over punitive sanctions in the Academy's attempts to meet the aims of this policy.

In order to ensure that the Constitutional Rights of those employed by, or enrolled at, Shangri-La Academy are respected, it is incumbent upon each and every individual at the Academy to make every effort to:

  • Create an educational environment free from racial and cultural discrimination.
  • Create an environment of mutual respect for, and tolerance of, racial and cultural differences. Minimize the negative influences of prejudice and ill-feeling or hatred, as propagated by members of previous generations, on the youth of today.
  • Create awareness among staff and pupils of the unacceptability of the use of racial slurs, "hate speech", derogatory or disparaging remarks based on racial or cultural stereo-typing, by all members of the Academy.
  • Report behaviour patterns among individuals that are not responding to informal corrective measures, and, if necessary.
  • Initiate disciplinary procedures in terms of the Academy's Codes of Conduct